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Days in hurry

21 April 2014

Yesterday Annika came all the way from Stockholm just to photograph with me. Its a blessing I must say. Amanda and Annika worked and played together and we did sessions around the castle, in the flowerbunches and the little bridge. And then it was time for magnolia bath.

This morning Amanda who we would have continued photograph along with Annika was broken ….its perhaps not the best thing to put an allergic model in a flowerbed and see her eyes getting redder and redder. So she did not come today, but Daphne did and wow this day was something in the way. Oh yes it was. 

I have not begin to work with the photos cause its so many. But we are now done with the Osipa costumes and they are being shipped to Stockholm to a new user. Me will take a break now and only retusch photos for 6 days. I have decided to put Annika in Jos place in the Poland trip, cause she was amazing with Daphne today. Well thats about it I think. 

Well and yes…Johan Billgren have promised me to have the girl and boy collection session in the late summer. And I am pretty happy and have already big plans. Life is good right now. Under this a proof that also guys can wear Osipa costumes. It is my husbands birthday today and this photo is his present until I find a better one ^^



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