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 22 April 2014

Skipped happily enough away to Lotta Jewellery and shopped like a fool today. Freddi got jewellery By Billgren. A whistle that actually work and will be used to start every session in the future ^^ and a lot more. Me got a lot of rings and stuff with insects.

Now its soon time to start plan for Poland big time. I love spontanity with bounderies. Its important that you know what you can do, and have everything you need to do it, then you can play wild. Thats what I want us to do. 

We have a jaquzzi (we will probably play the game “how many fools can this jaquzzi take before someone gets hurt), and a pool (no need to tell you about everything fun I will create in this wonder) and a lake just 200 meters away. I mean its ridiculous. We will live like gods. Probably they make sugergloss also in Poland so Em not get abstinens ^^

No done pics for today, I have tried to relax for one times sake. Tomorrow we will meet Lotta and I will swim and then continue work with all the pics of this weekend.

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