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24 April 2014

Yes indeed I am resting. And for real. I will not work until sunday again. Then I will meet my Jo….and start again with the sessions. Today Lotta Jewellery released her website with the movie
you can see it all here. Its stunning and I am really proud to be a part of it. We met the wonderful designer today and I bought a owlnecklace. Omy how I love it. For me the jewellery is so important in my art that I do not know how I would do without it. Every single jewellery inspirates me to new sessions. So its a blessing to have a cooperation with Lotta. 

The photo below is one of two in the serie La Cité des enfants perdus named and inspirated by the movie

Freddi in Osipa costumes. The other photo in the same serie is of Sanna

Really that movie scared the shit out of me. But still its one of the best I have ever seen. Its that kind of movie that left an image in your mind and that image will be there however hard you try to remove it. I see this movie in my dreams and they are not so nice. But nice is not the same as not beautiful. The movie is very beautiful indeed. Just like my models, who rather is both nice and beautiful which does not prove my point at all. But you can´t have everything I guess ^^

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